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Valerie Corral and her husband, Mike,
founders of the only legally recognized,
non-profit medical marijuana club 
in the United States, pose in their office
in Santa Cruz, Calif., on May 3, 2004

Paul Sakuma ~ AP





Valerie Corral holds a bag of
medical marijuana grown in her backyard.

Paul Sakuma ~ AP


The 2nd Annual WAMM Fest

September 5th, 2004

San Lorenzo Park Ė Santa Cruz, CA


Pictures from WAMM Fest 2004

WAMM Fest a Hit Among Medical Pot Users


Pictures From WAMM Protest

Political Cartoon By Mark Fiore







Valerie and Mike Corral 
were arrested by the DEA
on Sept 5th 2002 and all the plants
were ripped out!


American's For Safe Access

Medical Marijuana Patient's Union

Marin Alliance For Medical Marijuana

California NORML

Medicinal Cannabis Research Links


July 2002

 WAMM Garden Picture 

 Before It's Destruction By The DEA


Pictures from WAMM Raid

Medical Marijuana Protest Pictures


Current News Articles 




Updated September 27th, 2002


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 DEA Agents Raid Medical Marijuana Farm
Santa Cruz Officials Fume Over Pot Club Bust
 DEA Continues to Dismantle Democracy
Drug Agents Raid Calif. Medicinal Marijuana Farm
DEA Raids California Medical Marijuana Farm

Pictures of The Compassion Flower Inn


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