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What's New 

In Drug Policy Reform



February 5th, 2003

Ed Rosenthal's Medicinal Cannabis Trial 


A federal jury in San Francisco found Ed Rosenthal,  
one of the nation's most prominent marijuana advocates,
guilty Friday of felony conspiracy
and cultivation charges -- a triumph
for federal prosecutors seeking
to override California's endorsement 
of pot as medicine. 

General Ashcroft Wants You! 
By Mark Fiore


February 5th, 2003

San Diego OKs Medical Use of Marijuana



January 15th 2003

Your Government Is Lying 
To You (Again) About Marijuana

A Refutation of the Drug Czar's
"Open Letter to America's Prosecutors"

By The National Organization
for the Reform of Marijuana Laws


Truth Campaign in PDF Format

Truth Campaign in HTML


January 2003

GAO Report - DARE 


Cannabis News Chat Room


November 20th, 2002

A Message From The Judge -- Is Ashcroft Listening?


U.K. Drug Strategy 2002 in PDF Format


November 17th, 2002

Drug Reformers Are Regrouping




November 19, 2002 

The Myth of Potent Pot 
By Daniel Forbes 


November 1st, 2002

 What U.S. Papers Say About Medical Pot
 Let The Feds Quit Meddling on Pot
 Court Tells Feds To Back Off


Conant vs. Walters & Judge Kozinski's Opinion

Conant vs. Walters - PDF Format

The New Politics of Pot
Is Pot Good for You?
Medical Marijuana:  A History

TIME Magazine -- The Politics of Pot

Netscape Network -- The Politics of Pot


Pot-TV Video

High Society: That 70's Show

The sitcom classic where the boys and girls
of That 70's show get caught with the demon weed.
May be the best anti-reefer madness,
anti-parental hysteria shots
at drug prohibition from Cable TV. 


Doonesbury on Medical Marijuana Raids

Pictures From WAMM Protest

Political Cartoon By Mark Fiore

Pictures From Santa Cruz City Hall

 Medical Marijuana Rally

WAMM Raided on September 5, 2002





ABC Transcripts: War On Drugs, A War On Ourselves
MSNBC Transcripts: Phil Donahue - July 29, 2002
 MSNBC Transcripts: Phil Donahue - July 18, 2002


San Francisco Puts Growing
Marijuana on Ballot


July 25, 2002


CNN Transcripts: Kevin Zeese & Connor

 Crossfire Transcripts: Keith Stroup & Hutchinson



LA Weekly
By Ellen Forney 
July 26 - August 1, 2002 

Smoke Pot,  Stay Out of Jail - Political Cartoon



June 20th, 2002

Higher Immorality?
For Some Religious Groups,
Drug Laws Do More Harm
Than Drugs Themselves


Department of Justice 
Medical Marijuana Protest
Updated June 7th 2002

Protesters Ask DEA To Change Drug Law
 Protesters Target DEA Offices Over Medical Pot
 200 Join Santa Rosa Protest of Federal Pot Laws
 Medical-Pot Backers Protest To Feds
 Protestors Decry Medical Marijuana Raids
 Why I Put Myself At Risk for Medical Marijuana
 Medical Marijuana Backers Stage Protests Across US
 Pot Pioneer

California-based medical marijuana activists
have called for a national day of nonviolent
"direct action to push back the DEA"
at DEA offices nationwide 
on Thursday, June 6th, 2002 

Patients Push Back After DEA Raids in Santa Rosa
Medical Marijuana War Heats Up


June 1, 2002

County Adopts Guidelines for Medicinal Pot



May 14, 2002

CNN Cross Fire Transcripts

Do Drug Ads Really Work?


May 10, 2002

CNN Transcripts

 Millionaire Marijuana March


May 2, 2002

CNN Transcripts

William Bennett: Today's Pot is More Dangerous


April 21, 2002

Revealed: Britain's Drug Habit 

Drugs Uncovered: Observer Special Supplement


April 18, 2002

San Francisco D.A. Terence Hallinan speaks
to the National Organization for the Reform
of Marijuana Laws at the Crowne Plaza Union Hotel

Marijuana Advocates Cheer On Hallinan


April 10, 2002

NORML's 2002 Ad Campaign

Cannabis News Articles - NORML


April 10, 2002

DEA Chief, Activist's Clash Over Drug Policy


February 12, 2002

DEA Raids Medical Marijuana Club


September 3, 2001

Tom & Rollie Memorial Page


Grover T. “Tom” Crosslin’s standoff
came to a deadly end Monday. 
The 47-year-old owner
of Rainbow Farm Campground
was fatally shot
by an FBI agent
about 4:40 p.m. EDT Monday.

The MariHemp Network


Cannabis MD

Musicians for Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Now

Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition -NORML


A State Affiliate of the National Organization
for the Reform of Marijuana Laws 


Cannabis TV

Welcome to Cannabis, 
a video news magazine covering
the rich legacy and potential
of one of nature's finest gifts,


Marijuana Reform Party of New York

Medical Marijuana in New York,
Outlook for 2002


July 4, 2001

LA Weekly Independence Day

 Drug War Series


Judge James Gray

Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed 
And What We Can Do About It 

June 24, 2001

About The Author

Cited on numerous occasions for his work in the areas
of both social reform and civic philanthropy, 
Judge James P. Gray currently presides over
the civil trial calendar for the 
Superior Court of Orange County. 

Students Launch Ad Campaign


June 20, 2001

Welcome to the "Just Say Blow" project 
of Students for a Drug-Free White House. 
The Bush administration has announced it
will deny federal financial aid to students 
who won't answer questions about their drug records. 

Students  for a Drug Free Whitehouse

Drug Policies For The New Millennium 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 

The Lindesmith Center - Drug Policy Foundation 
2001 International Conference
Thursday, May 31 - Saturday, June 2, 2001

Conference Wrap-Up


Drug Policies For The New Millennium


Oakland Cannabis Buyer's Cooperative
The U.S. Government

Cannabis News Highlights


Doonesbury Political Cartoons


Diane Fornbacher

Drug Policy Forum of Pennsylvania

Liberty Protest Pictures

Diane Fornbacher, the founding Director 
of the new Drug Policy Forum of Pennsylvania (DPFPa) 
is currently working toward getting more Pennsylvanians 
educated about the War on Drugs 
and work toward a more sensible policy. 


IMMY's NORML Conference Photos 2001


The Marijuana Rescheduling Petition


Drug Science

By Jon Gettman

Why is marijuana illegal?

The government claims that scientific evidence 

justifies marijuana prohibition.

 But does it?. 


DrugSense Site Map



World Drug War Home Page

Drug War Industrial Complex

Will Foster's Story

April 25, 2001 
Will Foster is Released From Prison! 
The Story of a Man now in Prison for 93 years 
for growing marijuana to fight 
his chronic pain condition!


Fair Use Laws


Drug war and progressive media news sites. 
How to legally post media, press, audio,
and video articles on non-profit websites.
Independent Media Center,,,, etc.. 
Parody and free speech.

Drug War Facts


  Drug War Facts Updated By Doug McVay 

Doug McVay of Common Sense for Drug Policy 
has just completely updated the
excellent online Drug War Facts, 
a collection of well documented facts
available both as web pages 
and as .pdf files for quality printouts 
for flyers and handouts. 


The Truth Will Prevail 

Stop Arresting Medical Cannabis Patients


Cannabis Myths Exposed


Christians For


Drug Testing News


Andy Garrett's Cannabis Museum Pictures


Journey For Justice Project



Is My Medicine Legal Yet?

Pot -TV

Million Marijuana March 2000!

Welcome to A. H.E.M.P


Postcards to Legislators

Drug War Info


Definition of Insanity


During the 1992 Presidential campaign, Al Gore was fond

of telling us that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing

over and over again and expecting a different result each time.

With regard to our country's 85 year war on drugs,

most of our country's leaders all need to be

put in straight jackets.


Drug Policy Forum of Wisconsin 


Rx Cannabis Now!


Rx Cannabis Now is a Website


To The Re-Legalization

of Cannabis as Medicine.


DrugSense : Drug Policy Reform

The Effective Drug Control Strategy 1999


Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation 

Campaign for the Regulation and Restoration of Hemp



Cannabis Freedom Network

Cannabis Action Network

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