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Angel Justice


Robert Raich embraces his wife, Angel,
Monday, June 6, 2005, at a news conference
in Oakland, Calif. Angel Raich is one of two persons
that sued then - U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft,
asking for a court order letting them smoke, grow
or obtain marijuana without fear of arrest, home raids
or other intrusion by federal authorities.

The Supreme Court ruled Monday, that federal authorities
may prosecute sick people whose doctors prescribe
marijuana to ease pain, concluding that state laws
don't protect users from a federal ban on the drug.

AP Photo ~ Ben Margot


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Pain Man by Mark Fiore

Medical Marijuana Political Cartoons


 June 6th thru 17th, 2005

Washington, D.C. -- Two California women
have no right to use locally grown marijuana
for medical purposes when federal drug statutes
outlaw its use under any circumstances.

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Should MJ Use for Medical Reasons Be Allowed?
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New Medical Marijuana Laws Are But Smoke & Mirrors
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Medical Marijuana, a Casual User's Tale
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Marijuana as Medicine
Reclassify Marijuana as a Schedule II Drug
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 A Bad Call on Medicinal Marijuana
 The Ninth Circuit’s Revenge
Medical Marijuana: Should It Be Legal?
Feds Say They're Not Really Pot Cops

The Court and Cannabis
A Setback for Medical Marijuana
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 'Medical' Pot Up in Smoke
 Smoke Must Have Blinded The Court

Pot Fight Far From Over
 State Should Push Federal Medical Marijuana Law
Americans Get To Smoke Pot in Federal Program
 Senate OKs Medical Marijuana
 Will Congress Have The Guts To Tackle MMJ?
Not About Pot
Med Marijuana Backers Try Again in House Vote

Getting Tough With The Terminally Ill
  Good To Grow
 The Court and Marijuana

Another Label-Defying Ruling
In The Grip of Reefer Madness
Transcript: Supreme Court: Medical Marijuana
The High Court Errs
 Supremes Uphold Status Quo
 A Guide To Gonzales vs. Raich
 The Court on High
 Fallout of Marijuana Verdict
 For Alaska, Marijuana Situation Status Quo
 Marijuana Ruling Worries Santa Cruz Group
 AG May Suspend MMJ Registration in Alaska
 Reefer Madness: Is Sanity Breaking Out?
 Justices Uproot Medical Pot
 Local Medical Pot Users Disheartened by Decision
 Prosecutions Unlikely of Medical Pot Users
Marijuana Patients Remain Defiant
 Drug's Users Say Ruling Won't End Their Efforts
 Court: Let Congress Legalize It
 Justices Uphold Federal Marijuana Prosecution
 A Defeat For Users Of Medical Marijuana
 Federal Law Trumps State Approval of Pot
 User of MMJ Says She'll Continue To Fight
 Amendment Would Bar Medical-Pot Raids
High Court Sides With Feds
 Supreme Court Marijuana Ruling Raises Questions
 Court: Sick Pot Smokers Can Be Prosecuted
 Light 'Em Up
 Calif. AG: Don't Panic Over Pot Ruling
 Legalized Marijuana is Long Shot
Court Ruling To Affect Cancer Patients
 'No' On Medical Marijuana Use
 Court Rules Against Pot for Sick People
 Marijuana Plaintiff To Defy Court Ruling
 Medical Marijuana Effort Loses at U.S. High Court
 Government Can Bar Medical Marijuana Use
 State Medical Marijuana Laws Remain Valid
 Supreme Court Allows Prosecution of Med Marijuana




Angel Justice


Angel Raich, left, and her husband, Rob,
listen during a news conference
Monday, June 28, 2004  in Oakland, Calif. 

AP Photo ~ Noah Berger


Nov. 12th 2004 to Jan. 1st 2005

 'I Really Consider Cannabis My Miracle'
Medical Marijuana Debate
Medical Marijuana: The Pain of Prohibition
Professor in Middle of Medical Marijuana Debate
 High Expectations
Marijuana is Safer Than Most Painkillers
 Medical Marijuana Case Centers on States' Rights

Research Could Help Sidestep Politics of Marijuana
 Medical Pot Advocate Sees Act of 'Retaliation'
Off The Interstate
MMJ User Tries To Stop DMV from Taking Her License
 The Wheat From The Grass

Cannabis and The Constitution
Unpoetic Justice
 A Health Care Issue

Switching Sides On States' Rights
Fear and Loathing at Supreme Court
 Readers Support States on Medical Marijuana Use

Future Hazy for Medical Marijuana
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Medical Marijuana: The Real Stakes
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 Shattered Grass?
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 High Regard for Medical Pot Law

Medical Pot Laws Best Left To The States
Court Weighs Legality of Federal Pot Charges
A New Shift of Power for U.S. Federalism
 Marijuana: Medical Hope or Illegal Drug?
Should Federal Policy Trump State Law on MJ Use?
Off The Record
Supreme Court Hears Raich Case
 MMJ Case Pits States' Rights Against Drug War

Let States Decide Medicinal Pot Use
Commentary: Has Justice Gone To Pot?
 Medical Pot or Not? High Court To Decide
Sanity's AWOL in War on Drugs
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Our Right To Be Free from Pain
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 Going To Pot
 Testing The Limits of Big Government
Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on MMJ
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Supremes on Pot
 National Charade To Keep Patients from The Joint
 Medicine or Menace?
 From The Ground Up
 A Christmas Wish for Weed
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Reefer-endum: Prescription Pot is Priority
 High Court High Anxiety
 It's a Thorny Issue, but Not a Federal Case
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 Pot and Federal Power
 Case Puts Supreme Court in Curious Spot

 Medicinal Marijuana Gets Court Skepticism
 The Supremes Debate Medical Pot
 Culture Clash

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 Justices Skeptical Over Patients' Use
 Ruling Could Affect Thousands of Alaskans
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 High Court Must Take Lead in Med Marijuana Debate
 Commerce Abuse
 CNN Transcript: NewsNight with Aaron Brown
 Marijuana Paranoia

 It's State Law vs. Federal Law in MMJ Case
States' Rights Defense Falters in MMJ Case
Florida MMJ Smoker Seeks To Influence Court
 Must The Ill Be Made To Suffer for Meager Gain?
 MMJ Spokespatient Watches Court Debate Her Case
 Justices Appear Unlikely To OK Medical Use of MJ
 Justices React Skeptically Medical-Marijuana
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 Court Weighs Challenge To Medical Marijuana
 US Marijuana Case Challenges States' Rights
 High Court Considers Medical Marijuana Case
Create a Better Way To Distribute Med Marijuana
 Wary Court Considers Medical Marijuana
 High Court To Hear Medical Marijuana Case
 Court To Hear Marijuana Case

Showdown Over Medical Marijuana
Coping With a Life Full of Pain
 Court To Weigh Drug Law
Women Make a New Case for Medical Marijuana
Medical Marijuana and The Supremes
Medical Marijuana Before Supreme Court
 Supreme Court Is Set to Consider Medical Marijuana
Medical-Pot Fight Goes To Justices
Supreme Court To Hear Medical Pot Case
 Supreme Court Case May Shape Medipot Industry
 Hope for Healing
Supreme Court To Hear California Medical Pot Case
 High Court To Weigh Medical Marijuana Laws
 High Court To Take Oakland Pot Case
Bush's War On Patients
 The Fate of Medical Pot
 Medicinal Pot Before High Court
Patient Keeps Medical Marijuana Fight Alive
 Medical Marijuana Goes on Trial
Federal Government, Butt Out of Medical Marijuana
 High Court's Case To Affect Medical Marijuana Laws
 California Healthline Highlights Coverage of MMJ
 Red States Weigh In As The Court Goes To Pot
Fighting for The Right To Miracle Marijuana
 US Supreme Court to Hear Medicinal Marijuana Case 



Meri Simon ~ Mercury News 

In 2001, Angel McClarey spoke to the
Berkeley City Council to argue against
 a 10-plant limit the city had imposed
on medical marijuana users.

 In 2002, she married lawyer Robert Raich.
He is one of the lead attorneys in the case Monday.




Angel Raich of Oakland holds some marijuana
 that she keeps in a jar. She smokes nine pounds
of marijuana a year to help her remain
 mobile and eat enough to stay alive.



Fighting for The Right to "Miracle" Marijuana

November 14, 2004

Angel Raich found a 'miracle' in medical marijuana.
Now she's asking the Supreme Court
to uphold her right to smoke it.


Unlikely Allies Back State on Medical Pot

October 14, 2004 

As final briefs were filed Wednesday in a critical
medical marijuana test case, set for argument
in the U.S. Supreme Court next month, 
California got some unlikely allies. 

State Backs Medical Pot Case Before Court

Key Medical Pot Case To Be Heard



 News Articles from Cannabis News

Updated June 30th, 2004


Protecting Patients' Rights
 Laws Permitting Medical Marijuana Will Be Reviewed
 High Court To Rule on Medical Marijuana
 Medical Marijuana Case Could Affect Berkeley
 High Court To Hear Oakland Pot Case
Top Court Will Take Oakland Pot Case
Court To Decide if Anti-Drug Laws Apply To MMJ
 Supreme Court Justices To Decide Marijuana Dispute
 Marijuana Backers Pleased by Justices' Decision
 Key Medical Pot Case To Be Heard





Drug Wars
 Analysis: Medical Marijuana Debate Renews
 Supreme Court Will Hear Medical Marijuana Case
 Court Will Hear Medical Pot Appeal
 Justices Will Hear Argument on Medical Marijuana
Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To Pot Ban
 Marijuana Case To Be Decided in Supreme Court
Supreme Court To Hear Medical Pot Case
 Marijuana Dispute Gets U.S. Supreme Court Hearing
 Supreme Court To Decide Medical Marijuana Case
 Supreme Court To Hear Case on Medical Pot
 Changes Perplex Officials and Users
 Fight Looms Over Medical Marijuana Expansion
Supreme Court May Take Up Pot Case


December 16th thru 25th, 2003 


A Victory for Medical Marijuana
 Court Plants Red Cross in the War on Marijuana
Key Court Victories Boost Medical Marijuana
Boost for Medical Marijuana
 Other Views: Dope Distinctions
 Efforts Renewed To OK Pot for Ill
 Weed Win
 Sense and Sinsemilla
 The Medical Marijuana Wins
 Accommodating Legal Pot
 Clearing The Haze
 Marijuana Act Clouds Antidrug Work Rules
 States and Marijuana
Pot Luck: A Victory for Federalism
 Where’s The Compassion?
 Federalism Wins
 Oroville Woman at Center of Medical Pot Ruling
 A Landmark Victory
 Medical Use of Marijuana OK, Appeals Court Rules
 Home-Grown Victory
 Medical Marijuana Advocates See Conflict
 Medical Marijuana Users Exempt from Federal Law
 Medical Pot Wins, Again
Ruling Bolsters Medical Marijuana Law
 Appeals Court OKs Medicinal Pot
 Medical Marijuana Decision Does Not Sanction Sales
 Long U.S. Battle Over Medical Marijuana Seen Ahead
 Appeals Court Upholds Medical Marijuana Use
 9th U.S. Court Protects Pot Patients
Court Exempts Medicinal Pot From Federal Ban
 Feds Ordered To Halt Pot Raids
 Court Boosts Medical Pot
 Medical Pot Wins a Legal Victory
Major Ruling Favors Medical Marijuana
Medical Pot Users Win Key Ruling
 US Appeals Court Sets Aside Federal Marijuana Law
Federal Appeals Court OKs Medical Marijuana


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