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Million Marijuana March 2002

Updated May 12, 2002


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Cannabis Can Combat Poverty, Pollution
Roll Up for Mardi Grass
 Rainbow Farm Remembered
 Million Marijuana March Observed In Paducah
Cannabis Users In Public Protest
Pot Freedom Fighters Fully Baked
 Thousands of Protesters Have a Spliffing Time
 Hundreds Rally for Marijuana
 Marchers Voice The Need for Legal Weed
 Activists Stage Smoke-in for Legal Pot
Hundreds March for Cannabis Legalisation
 March for Marijuana Draws a Crowd City Hall
 Pot Supporters Parade Saturday
Marijuana Activists Push for Legalization
 SLC Rally Promotes Medical Marijuana
 Thousands of Pro-Marijuana Protesters March
 Proponents Of Marijuana Stage Protest
Marijuana Lobbyists Light Up on Parliament Hill
Thousands March in Britain for Legal Cannabis
 Thousands To Mark 'Cannabis Liberation Day'
 Thousands Expected at Cannabis Marches
 March for Marijuana is in The Offing
 Marching on High
 Legalization Activists Plan Worldwide Protests
 Million Marijuana March To Be Held In Rapid City
 Scotland's First Cannabis Cafe Set to Open
 Pot Advocate Aims for Mayor's Chair
 Marching for a NORML Life
Marijuana-March Site Criticized
Cannabis Cafe Bid For City Centre
Pro-Pot Movement Has High Hopes in Flint


News Articles from May 2001


 600 Paraders Want Marijuana Legalized
 Pro-Hemp Rally Held Downtown
 Canadians Join 'Million Marijuana March'
Thousands March To Protest Marijuana Laws



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Million Marijuana March 2002

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 Million Marijuana March 2000


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