May 1st, 2010



Video: Toronto Freedom Festival 2010



Hundreds March To Legalize Pot



Pot Lovers Light Up Queen's Park




Photos: Global Marijuana March Protests Pot Prohibition in Vancouver


Denver Pro-Marijuana Marchers In Huff Over Ticketing


Pro-Pot Events Converge On Corvallis


Blunt Response




Reuters ~ Hugo Philpott 



Saturday, May 2nd, 2009


Global Marijuana March 2009

Global Marijuana March  - Wikipedia



Marijuana Marchers Protest For Legalization

Philly Goes To Pot

South Street Hosts Philly Version of Global Marijuana March

NYC Pot Protesters March To U.N.

High Times at Freedom Fest

Supporters Gather For Marijuana Legalization Rally

Million Marijuana March Comes To Palm Springs

Protesters Call For New Marijuana Laws

Pot Protesters Gather and March on Liberal Convention

Marijuana March Smokes Up Cincinnati

High Times At Queen's Park







Global Marijuana March 2008

May 3, 2008


Texans Convene To Support Legalization of Marijuana

Rally Calls for End To Pot Prohibition

Seattle's March for Marijuana Today

Marijuana Activist's Sense Something In The Air

Global Cannabis March This Saturday






Global Marijuana March 2007




Global Marijuana March

 News for 2006


Pictures from Toronto Global Marijuana March

Supporters of Marijuana Participate in March

March Marks Medical Marijuana Milestone

Stop The Prohibition

Veto Sparks Mexico City Marijuana Smoke-In

Pot Advocates Light It Up at Legislature

Israelis Celebrate Int'l Marijuana Day

Inspectors Close Down 'Marijuana Day'


Global Marijuana March

 News for 2005


Protesters Want Pot Legal

Eugeneans March in Worldwide Rally for Marijuana

Going To Pot - or Not?

Hemp Supporters Hold Rally Near Sturgis

Downtown Pot Rally Brings Whiff of The '60s

Crowd Rallies in Flint for Legalized Pot

Marijuana Freedom March

Thousands Gather in Tel Aviv for World MJ Day

Pot Summit Comes To DeLaveaga

How 'Cannabricks' Can Ease Housing Problem

Hemp Events This Weekend

Human Suffering Gets Lost in MMJ Debate

Prohibition on Marijuana Does More Harm Than Good



Cures Not Wars





2004 News


It's a Protest, Not a Pot-Fest-MMM 2004

Marijuana March in Mexico City

Global Cannabis Action -- MMM

Promote Your Event Forum





News Articles from Cannabis News

Updated May 10, 2004



Police Snuff Out 'Marijuana Day' in Tel Aviv

Police Detain 30 at Marijuana Day in Tel Aviv Park

TA Celebrates Marijuana Day

Pot To The People

Marching for Marijuana in Flint

Marijuana Supporters March Around Point Park

Drugs Event Fails To Draw Crowds
Cures, Not Wars, Chant Supporters

Balloons for Dagga Liberation

1,000 Rally in Toronto To Call for Legalization

Hundreds Expected at City Park Pot Festival

 'Cannabis Festival' Set for Park





News Articles from Cannabis News

Updated May 8th 2003



 When Opposition Ignites

Cannabis Rally Held in Columbia for First Time

Students Organize Protest To End Drug War

Supporters of Pot Legalization Host Rally

March Promotes Marijuana Usage

NYC Rally Urging Marijuana Legalization

Canadians March for Legalization of Marijuana

Marchers: Weed The People ...

Canadians Protest for Pot Legalization

Small Crowd at a March for Marijuana

Protesters Strive To Snuff Out Opposition

Judge Blasts Drug War at Marijuana Rally

Canadian Pot Protesters Join Global March

Protesters Hope To Snuff Out Law

Ah, The Smell of Freshly Cut Grass

Thousands Attend Cannabis Rally

Column: Time To Get Off The Pot

Far Out Man! Toronto Has Pot and Smokes It Too

Is the Law Potty on Pot?

Pot Rally, City Event in Conflict

Capetonian Urges Cannabis Homes

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Grassroots Call for Change on Marijuana

Latin Americanization of Million Marijuana March



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Million Marijuana March 1999

Million Marijuana March 2000

Million Marijuana March 2002



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