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Jack Herer - Monterey, CA 2005

1 hr 18 min 54 sec - Nov 23, 2005

Jack Herer talks about Hemp and his life
in Monterey, Ca, on April 8th, 2005.
An introduction by Valerie Corral
of WAMM Santa Cruz starts the video.

Google Video: Jack Herer Talks about Hemp


HIA Vs. DEA Hemp Ruling in PDF


February 6, 2004

Rejecting one front of the government's drug war,
a federal appeals court ruled Friday the United States
cannot ban the sale of food made with natural hemp
that contains only trace amounts
of the psychoactive chemical in marijuana.


DEA Cannot Regulate Naturally-Occurring THC

Court Rejects DEA Bid To Outlaw Hemp Foods




The Demonized Seed


LA Times Sunday Magazine 

January 18, 2004


As a Recreational Drug, Industrial Hemp Packs
the Same Wallop as Zucchini. 

So Why Does the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
Continue to Deny America This Potent Resource?

Call It Reefer Madness.



Refill Madness 

Hemp-Powered Car Rolls Its Own Fuel

By Erik Baard, The Village Voice 


Hemp Car

Hemp Car To Make 10,000 Mile Trip




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