Pictures From The Compassion Flower Inn!




Reefer Mattress 

Christening the "tokers" deck, medical-marijuana advocates freely passed around victory joints, celebrating the opening of this one-of-a-kind bed and breakfast in downtown Santa Cruz. 

Joint Venture - Marijuana Theme

 for New Hotel in Santa Cruz



Andrea Tischler and Maria Mallek-Tischler stood on the porch of their Compassion Flower Inn in Santa Cruz, a bed and breakfast that highlights its hospitality toward medical marijuana users.

Chronicle Photo by Kendra Luck


The tile mosaic of marijuana leaf and passion flower surrounded a bathtub.

Chronicle Photo by Kendra Luck

The Tischlers commissioned a set of dishes with the cannabis leaf and passion flower motifs.

Chronicle Photo by Kendra Luck

Jay Barush, the ``resident guru'' at the Compassion Flower Inn, prepared the ground for a brick patio in the Victorian-era building's backyard.

Chronicle Photo by Kendra Luck

The Compassion Flower Inn



Use Of Marijuana OK'd Without Prescription

Bed, Bud And Breakfast Opens In Santa Cruz

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