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Vancouver Sun

 Four Part Series

explores the history of cannabis prohibition,
its consequences and what kind
of legal framework we should adopt.

March 8th thru 11th, 2005

Part I

Marijuana Prohibition Caught Hold


Part II

 Law Can't Solve All Our Social Problems


Part III

Canada's Middle Way On The Legalities of Pot


Part IV

Canada Could Be a World Leader



March 19th & 20th, 2005

By Dan Gardner


 Is Pot Far More Potent Than in the Past?

How Science Is Skewed to Fuel Fears of Marijuana


 June 7, 2004

A marijuana plant on display during a rally
on Parliament Hill in support of the
legalization of pot, in Ottawa, June 5, 2004. 

Photo by Jim Young 


It's Time for Canada To Legalize Cannabis

February 25th, 2005

The use of cannabis is widespread and there is
intermittent talk from the government of Canada
regarding "decriminalizing," but not about legalizing, it.


Pot -- It's Not Just for Bohemians
 Marijuana Use Doubles: Study
 Survey Finds Pot Puffing Rate Doubled in 10 Years


Marijuana Against Multiple Sclerosis

October 3-10, 2004

First Canadian granted a pot permit Alison Myrden
praises therapeutic value of cannabis.

Canabian Day Festival II

 Two Arrested at Pro-Marijuana Rally in Toronto

 Canabian Day


Saturday, August 21, 2004

Cannabis in Canada is proud to present
the second annual Canabian Day Festival!

This year our event is being held in three Ontario cities:
Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara Falls.


Medical Users Spurning New Batch of Marijuana


July 12, 2004

Ottawa -- Some patients are spurning a new batch
of government-certified marijuana, dismissing 
Health Canada claims that it's a stronger, 
better quality smoke. 


June 9th & 10th, 2004

The Lucrative Business of Pot
Pot Legalization Report Draws Fire
Study Sees Pot of Gold in Illegal B.C. Crop
Fraser Institute Says Gov't Should Cash in On Pot




Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Decriminalizing marijuana in Canada 
could provide a C$2 billion ($1.5 billion) 
tax windfall, according to a study 
by a right-wing think-tank, 
released on Wednesday. 

Protestor Dianne Bruce smokes a joint 
as she carries around her own
marijuana plant during a rally
in support of the legalization of pot,
in Ottawa, June 5, 2004. 

Bruce is one of only 800 Canadians
who are legally permitted to cultivate
and possess the drug for 
medicinal purposes.

Photo by Jim Young 

Green Tide Shadow Summit


March 4, 2004

Green Truth - the Green Tide Shadow Summit 
Voices of Reason - Exploring Alternatives
to the Drug War



December 23, 2003

 Pot Ban is Constitutional, Supreme Court Rules
 Court Rules Marijuana Possession Illegal
Pot Laws Don't Breach Charter: Supreme Court
 Supreme Court Upholds Marijuana Law
 Law Banning Possession Does Not Violate Charter

September 12, 2003 

Marijuana Laws Struck Down in B.C.

Regina v. Masse - Reasons For Judgment


CBC - Web One Feature

Marijuana and Me

Alison Myrden has Multiple Sclerosis.
Her condition causes her constant pain,
bladder problems and leg spasms.
The drugs prescribed for her condition
render her comatose.

Instead, Alison chooses medical marijuana.
Come spend a day with her and find out why. 


Judge Allows Marijuana Ruling To Stand

June 11, 2003

Toronto -- An Ontario Court of Appeal judge
declined to suspend a lower court decision
that found there is no law 
against marijuana possession in the province,
despite the federal Justice Department's claim
that the ruling has led to chaos and uncertainty.


Legalize Pot Says Mayor Campbell

May 28, 2003

Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell says the proposed
federal legislation to decriminalize possession
of small amounts of marijuana doesn't go far enough. 

The mayor says he wants to see the
outright legalization of pot. 


Rex Murphy's Introduction 

To The May 18, 2003 Program:

"Should marijuana use be decriminalized?" 

The marijuana debate is on again.

Arguments over whether marijuana possession
or use should be decriminalized have been around a long time. 

Up 'til this week it looked like legislation, 
treating one part of this debate - the decriminalization
of the possession of a certain amount, up 
to 30 grams - was to be introduced in the House of Commons. 

That has been delayed and now such legislation 
will not be introduced until May 26th of this year at this earliest. 


Audio: Hour Number One

Audio: Hour Number Two


No Laws Ban Possession of Marijuana, Court Rules


Toronto and Ottawa -- Canada has no laws
prohibiting marijuana possession,
an Ontario Superior Court judge
said yesterday in a ruling that will
be binding on judges in the province
and may soon be picked up
across the country.


May 6th, 2003

 Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Pot Law Case


Canada's highest court is hearing arguments about 
whether to erase criminal penalties against three people
for simple marijuana possession. 


February 2nd, 2003

The Drug War Refugees


Cancer patient Steve Kubby and other California
med pot practitioners are begging Canada for asylum, 
claiming U.S. drug warriors are out of control.

Maybe they're high, but maybe they're right.


January 3rd, 2003 

Ottawa Appealing Pot Possession Verdict

Ottawa is appealing a ruling that found
Canada's marijuana-possession laws 
are no longer valid.

In a notice filed Friday, the Crown says
it will try to show an Ontario judge erred
when he concluded that a 16-year-old broke
no laws when he was caught carrying five grams
of marijuana this spring.

January 2nd, 2003

Pot Charge Rejected in Potential Landmark Case

Windsor, Ont. An Ontario Court judge threw out 
a marijuana charge against a 16-year-old boy
Thursday in a decision lawyers say could soon
spell the end of Canada's prohibition
on possessing small amounts of pot. 


December 19th, 2002

Quebec Judge Throws Out Pot Case


Quebec Court Judge Gilles Cadieux,
who had postponed making a decision
on the case a number of times, 
said the absence of a legal source
of marijuana takes away
the right to life and liberty. 



December 12th, 2002

Canada's Decriminalize Cannabis Report


December 9th, 2002

Cauchon Says Pot Could Be Decriminalized Soon

Justice Minister Martin Cauchon said Monday
he wants to take steps to decriminalize marijuana
within the next four months.

A Commons committee is due to release a report
on Thursday calling for the government to relax
current marijuana laws and possibly even allow 
Canadians to grow marijuana for personal use. 



October 1, 2002

By Pierre-Claude Nolin 

Senate Report on Cannabis: Get Whole Story


The Special Committee On Illegal Drugs

37th Parliament, 1st Session
January 29, 2001 - September 16, 2002


Canada Legalizes Marijuana

For Medicinal Purposes

July 30, 2001

The Canadian government has made it legal 
for terminally ill patients and those 
with chronic conditions to use marijuana 
to relieve their symptoms. 



New facility for legal marijuana 
set up in old Manitoba mine 

August 2, 2001

Canadian Health Minister Allan Rock, right, 
and Brent Zettl, president 
and CEO of Prarie Plant Systems 
inspect a crop of marijuana 
Thursday in the Trout Lake mine 
deep Flin Flon, Manitoba.


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